Audience Engagement Guide

Sometimes generating traffic and growing a website’s audience can seem like a crap shoot. You can build compelling articles and hope that it attracts clicks. You can promote your content on social media and cross your fingers that it works. But you might not know that there is a guaranteed way to increase traffic.

Content promotion services are the only quick way to ensure your audience grows – and not just a little. Some promise up to 200% growth. That number might sound magical, but it’s actually a science.

Content promotion services do what you cannot do alone. They belong to networks that share related content with widgets. Having them on your team is like joining an exclusive club with access to a large pool of potential readers. Done correctly, partnering with one can increase traffic and sales, up your Google ranking, solidify your brand, as well as customer loyalty and public engagement.

And there is no finger crossing required. Services like MGID, Taboola and nRelate are experts in audience development and have skilled editorial teams that are able to find your best content and promote it in places with the highest potential to spread.

So clearly bringing on the services of content promotionplatforms is a no-brainer. A company that doesn’t will quickly fall by the wayside. But you can’t just pick the first one you click on. First of all, there are a massive number of them, which is evidence in itself that these services are in demand and that your competitors are already using them. But additionally, each one offers different features that make them unique. So some of them are for you, while some of them are for someone else.

For example, if your site is heavy in video, you should consider Taboola. They have connections to all of the top video content sites, and offer flexibility in online video platforms. Publishers that place Taboola on story pages and video pages can expect to see 20% to 100% growth in video views in just a few weeks.

nRelate is connected to thousands of sites and is responsible for millions of click throughs every month. Customers see an increase in page views within a few hours after signing up.

MGID is like a content marketing genie, advertising content and boosting traffic with a simple widget. However, the widget which represents MGID’s audience development platform is not the only option to choose from their tools. You can buy traffic or use their CPC program as an alternative.

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